Hi everyone, my name is xhvkhtau. In case you didn't notice, the mischievous imp in me has decided to encrypt the name and if you're feeling lucky today, try decoding with the following hints:

  • When in doubt, 8 is the key (can't you see that my name is 8 characters long?)
  • Asura in Tarnished Haven
  • Useless, talkative NPC
  • Having an installed copy of GW1 will help immensely.

15G reward for the first person to decipher this and send the solution together with the solving steps to light.

I'm currently playing on the Stormbluff Isle server (the recent mass WvW exodus is pretty saddening but I'm here to stay) with the character names Paradise Light , Heaven Light , Neona , Mina Jane and Astral Light . If you ever need resolutions to any theorycrafting arguments or just general theorycrafting help, hit me up. Or if you want to see how much I fail at PvE, party me up and we can go explore a dungeon or two. I still need Arah path 1, 2 and 4 for my dungeon master title.

In real life, I'm trilingual (English is my third language). I play a vast variety of games during my free time. For computer games, the only MMOs I currently have on disk are GW2 and GW1. For RPG, it's Torchlight 2. I'm fond of turn-based strategy games (Heroes of Might and Magic, Civilization) and tower defense games. I also play board games such as chess, chinese chess, go, settlers of catan, as well as card games such as monopoly deal, poker, bridge, etc. It should be no surprise by now that I also like notpron type puzzle solving.

Site History

A few days before last Christmas, I finished my spreadsheet calculation of guardian DPS (direct damage + condition damage). I was going to share it until I realized that spreadsheets are not the most convenient or user-friendly sharing medium. Most casual players are put off by the mere sight of a full page of numbers. At the same time, I noticed multiple requests on forums and reddit looking for an online PvE gear calculator. On an impulse, I decided to create this site.

Well, except that I only have minimal knowledge of HTML and CSS prior to this. The other sites that I have ever maintained are several blogs using Wordpress or Blogger. Javascript? I know a little Java.... PHP? I hear that a lot, I see that in the url, but it beats me what it is. No surprise that my 2013 New Year resolution is to learn and master HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. As of now, I think I'm getting there, the learning part I mean, but there's still a long way to go. In the mean time, I hope you find something useful with my site.

If you have any suggestions or feature requests, feel free to send an email to light.